How Digital Technology is Enhancing Safety at Construction Sites

When used properly, digital technology improves safety at construction sites. Here are some of the ways construction site’s safety can be improved with digital technology.

Building Information Modeling

BIM uses 3D modeling software to enhance productivity and efficiency at a construction site. It provides useful tools for planning and construction structures to construction professionals, engineers and architects.

Essentially, building information modeling is a digital representation of functional and physical characteristics of a structure or facility. It is a form of shared knowledge resource where stakeholders get information regarding a facility. This acts as a reliable basis for making decision during the lifecycle of a facility.

Using BIM, contractors can identify potential threats on a construction site before they start working on a structure. During construction, BIM offers insights and deeper awareness into the safety or a project. 3D model can be used to simulate possible hazards because it can navigate a site. This enables the management to deal with an issue before it becomes a serious problem.

Drones Surveillance

It’s easy to assume that drones are used by wedding photographers and hobbyists. However, even the construction industry is using drones. Apart from being used for scaling and mapping purposes, drones are used to enhance security at construction sites. The aerial views provided by done cameras are more detailed. These enable contractors to identify risks with ease. Since security guards are humans, they can only monitor limited areas. Drones on the other hand provide a wider view. They also provide 24/7 coverage.

While doing their job, workers at a construction site may forget about their surroundings. However, a person with aerial view from a done can easily identify risks and convey reliable information to workers. Additionally, drones are being used to monitor intruders and material theft.

Some contractors also install surveillance cameras at their construction sites. These are used to monitor operations at construction sites and deter would be thieves. Thus, digital technology is being used to enhance safety and security at construction sites.